Tumble Forms Carrie Potty Seat

The Carrie Potty Seat is designed with the child's needs and functional comfort in mind while providing secure positioning and stability. The unique shape maintains the child's legs in slight flexion and abduction to encourage bowel and bladder functions. Lateral supports and tray help provide trunk stability. Built-in anti-thrust seat helps maintain a good pelvic position.

Constructed of Tumble Forms special high-density foam, covered with a flexible coating, the Potty Seat is washable, seamless, impervious to urine, stain-resistant and nontoxic.

A base with casters facilitates mobility in and out of the bathroom, and the casters are lockable when necessary. It can be located over a toilet or used independently as a freestanding commode. The commode container is removable sliding on tracks.

The Carrie Potty Seat includes an adjustable tray, height-adjustable footrest, hip and chest harness, neck brace, and a penile splash guard that can be removed. Carrie Potty Seat is ideal for children up to 48 in. (125 cm) in height. Junior Potty Seat accommodates children up to 58 in. (147 cm).

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Tumble Forms Carrie Potty Seat Elementary
Sale price: $1,697.95
Payments of: $282.99
Tumble Forms Carrie Potty Seat Junior
Sale price: $2,001.95
Payments of: $333.66
Tumble Forms Carrie Potty Seat Small Adult
Sale Price: $3,497.95
Payments of: $582.99
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