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About Me

My name is Savannah and I am 4 years old! I'm also the happiest girl in the world who loves life and wants to be a part of everything...just a typical girl. My Mom, Dad and brothers love me a lot and try very hard to give me what I need and they do a good job.

I need equipment for sitting, standing and even riding in cars. We have problems affording all the special equipment I need because it is so expensive. We buy lots of things medicaid doesn't cover on a monthly basis. I would love to get out more and to be able to do more things with my family so we need the equipment to do that.

I love to be cuddled and know exactly what I want. I can say words like hi! and i shake my head no. I smile all the time and only cry when I'm hurting but my family always understands what I need without saying a word.

I love to sing and dance with my Mom, Dad and bubbas with country music blasting! I cant sleep when my bubbas aren't making a ton of noise. If they go to bed I wake up!! I love to have my hair brushed and to play dress up and I love it when my mom calls me a pretty princess. I know I'm loved and very beautiful and special to my parents, bubbas and to everyone that I meet. My parents say they are very lucky and grateful for me and my bubbas!!!

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Fun Facts

Fun facts about Savannah J.

Her favorite color is...dark blue and pink

Her favorite hobbies are...singing, dancing and playing outside

My Need

I need equipment for sitting and riding in cars. The Special Tomato MPS mobile Floor Kit is perfect for me because it provides the support I need and can be used as a car seat as well!

It would be fun to have a swing of my own so I would also like a Jennswing.

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