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Thomashilfen Booster Seat Swivel Base and optional accessories

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Thomashilfen Booster Seat is sold separately. Compatible with Thomashilfen Recaro and Defender Booster Seats.

If your car does not have a LATCH system and you are interested in this Booster Seat with Swivel Base accessory, please contact customer service toll free at (800) 371-2778.

The optional Swivel Base makes getting into and out of the booster seat easier for children and their caregivers. The open front of the booster seat is turned to face the open door. No more heavy lifting over the booster seat’s side supports. This item includes the adapter for the footrest.

You may also choose to add the following accessories to the Swivel Base:

  • Front Stand- guarantees a stable hold of the booster seat in the passenger footwell. Especially when using the swivel function, this special needs booster seat is exposed to additional strain in daily use. This helpful accessory can be used to provide additional stability.
  • Front Stand + Size 1 Footrest (depth 4.7”)- The optional Footrest provides a place for the user to rest their feet. It is tilt/angle adjustable. Weightbearing through the lower extremities while sitting helps to stabilize the seated posture. 
  • Front Stand + Size 2 Footrest (depth 7”)- Same as above except Footrest is deeper.

Please Note: The Front Stand is required to attach the Foot Rest.

NOTE: The optional Swivel Base and Seat Wedge, Below CANNOT be used in combination. 

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