Hi-Low Strollers

Adaptive, Adjustable Strollers That Go Anywhere

Also known as hi-low strollers, adjustable strollers allow you to customize positioning for your child's individual support needs. Designed to adjust in both height and angle, hi-low strollers eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Rather than having different seating and mobility options for eating, playing and doing homework, these special needs adjustable strollers convert into several unique options without taking up extra space in your home, therapy center and not to mention your budget! And, of course, they allow for simple movement and mobility to different rooms. These are truly some of our most versatile options!

Raise them easily to accommodate comfortable heights at the kitchen table, countertop, desk or work surface. You can also adjust most of these strollers' angle to provide a comfortable, engaging experience for people with varying physical involvement, including options to tilt all the way back to relieve pressure and stress. With this kind of special needs stroller, it's all about versatility. Not only do they adjust in terms of sizing, they also adapt well to their surroundings, featuring wheels the effortlessly glide over any surface and features that ensure portability, safety and ease of use.

Finding the Perfect Special Needs Stroller

We always recommend that our customers start with sizing in their journey for the perfect adaptive convertible stroller. Achieving the ideal levels of support and positioning will help ensure that your adaptive stroller suits all of your unique needs. What's so great about shopping at Adaptivemall.com is that we employ a team of expert therapists who are on hand to assist you, regardless of if you need advice on sizing your stroller or if you're not sure which features would best serve you. No matter what, we're here to help!
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