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Ormesa Grillo Anterior/Posterior Gait Trainer/ Walker

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Product Description

The Ormesa Grillo is a Gait Trainer/ Walker designed for people with special needs. The Grillo helps to foster greater independence in standing and walking. It is offered in 4 sizes to accommodate young children through adults with mild to moderate physical limitations. It is offered in two different configurations. Anterior (Front Drive/frame is in front of the user) or Posterior (Rear Drive/frame is in back of user). Light-weight one step folding frame is easy to store and transport. Supports do not need to be removed from the frame for folding.

Grillo’s patented optimal center of gravity gas-spring height adjustment system allows for effortless, continuous adjustments to accommodate one child’s growth or to facilitate use by multiple users. Adjustments can be made while the gait trainer is in use. The user’s center of gravity remains constant during height adjustment of the frame. All adjustments on the Grillo are made using levers or adjustable safety handles, no tools are needed. Graduated bars are present on all adjustable supports to ensure accurate set up after folding or between users. The Grillo is highly customizable with a wide range of support accessories available. Supports are interchangeable. This is important in multi-user environments and as a single user may change in ability.

With its extremely light-weight, strong aluminum frame, Grillo is very easy to maneuver. Ormesa designed Wheels are suited to any surface indoors or out. Front Swivel Wheels are equipped with Direction Locks allowing new users to concentrate on forward motion in a straight line versus steering. Rear wheels are equipped with an anti-rollback system also important for beginners. Rear wheels also come standard with adjustable drag and a pedal operated parking brake.

As you order, in Required Step 1 you will choose the Size and Configuration (anterior/front drive OR posterior/rear drive) for your Grillo. Please refer to the Photo Gallery under the Main Product Image above for sizing information.  Click Here for more technical specifications (measurements). The therapist letter Understanding Anterior vs. Posterior Walkers can help you to understand the differences between the support configurations.

The Grillo comes standard with a Pelvic Support Ring and Ergonomic Pelvic Harness. The Pelvic Support Ring is adjustable in circumference and width, height, angle, and forward-backward position. The Ergonomic Pelvic Harness provides an abductive effect (moves legs away from midline) and weight bearing relief for legs without generating any inner thigh or groin pressure. Made to ensure maximum comfort and safety, it is removable, machine washable and easy to adjust.

Also, in Required Step 1, you will be given the opportunity to purchase a Chest/Thoracic Support Ring. It is adjustable in circumference, width, height, angle and forward/backward position. The Chest Ring supports the user’s trunk without forcing its position and is important for users with limited head and trunk control. In Required Step 1, you will also be given the opportunity to purchase a Head Rest which can only be attached when a Chest Support Ring has been purchased. The Head Rest is for Posterior/Rear Drive configuration ONLY. The Head Rest is adjustable in height, angle and forward -backward placement. It can be beneficial for users who require a tactile prompt for optimal head and neck position. This is especially important for users who tend to hyperextend their neck/head due to the effort of standing and walking. 

In Required Step 2, you will choose a Handle Style which includes the options below. Please refer to the Photo Gallery under Main Product Image for pictures.

For Anterior/Front Drive Configuration, Handle Styles are: 

  • Handlebar is adjustable in height, depth, and angle.
  • Arm Supports (pair) are important for users who require greater upper body support. They are adjustable in height, depth, angle, rotation, and pronation/ supination (rotation of forearm). Arm supports for size mini are adjustable in height, depth and rotation ONLY.

For Posterior/Rear Drive Configuration, Handle Styles are: 

  • Hand Grips (pair) are removable and independently width adjustable.
  • Arm Supports (pair) are important for users who require greater upper body support. They are adjustable in height, depth, angle, rotation, and pronation/ supination (rotation of forearm). Arm supports for size mini are adjustable in height, depth and rotation ONLY.

If you choose Arm Supports, you will be given the opportunity to purchase them alone or with forearm support accessories listed below. Please refer to the Photo Gallery under Main Product Image for pictures. Please Note: Elbow Stops are NOT available for the Mini. 

  • Straps with adjustable circumference
  • Straps plus Elbow Stop prevents the forearm from sliding backwards out of arm support
  • Straps plus Elbow Stop plus Cover with gel insert
  • Elbow Stop ONLY, no straps
  • Elbow Stop plus Cover, with gel insert, no straps

Parents, therapists, teachers, and other caregivers will like the easy maneuverability and adjustability of the Grillo gait trainer. With the adjustable supports and measurement guides, the Grillo is the perfect gait training solution for multiple children with special needs in therapy clinics, schools, and daycare programs.


Is this Product Right for You?

  • Gait Trainer/ Walker for young children through adults with mild to moderate physical limitations
  • 4 sizes to accommodate individuals up to 242 lbs. (110 kg); 30in-74in. (75-190cm) in height
  • Critical Measurements: Floor to Hip, Circumference of Pelvis (distance around pelvis), and weight
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit. To start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

Ormesa Grillo Standard Features Include: 

  • Light-weight one step folding frame for easy maneuverability and transport
  • Pelvic Ring Support with adjustable circumference and width, height, angle, and forward-backward position
  • Ergonomic Pelvic Harness 
  • Front Swivel Wheels with directional locks
  • Rear Wheels with anti-rollback, adjustable drag, and pedal operated parking brake
  • Horizontal Bar with your choice of Handle Options
  • Your choice of Anterior/Front Drive or Posterior/Rear Drive

Click here to view Ormesa Grillo User Manual!

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