KAYE Reverse Walkers

Many walkers are available on the market, and with dozens of walkers to choose from it can be confusing. To simplify your walker selection process, we suggest you first decide what type of walker wheel layout you need. Next, you decide which size is needed. This is determined by the Handle Height needed. Thirdly, choose the Handle Width needed. Last, choose any Accessories to make it custom for your child. The KAYE Posture Control Walkers ("reverse walkers") are designed to make walking less energy consuming and improve rhythm and timing. These walkers are available in four walker wheel arrangements: 2 Wheels, 4 Wheels, or 4 Wheels with Swivel Front Wheels. All rear walker wheels have a ratchet mechanism which prevents backward walker movement as the user steps forward. All walkers fold compactly for transporting in automobiles, vans or on the school bus. All KAYE Walker Frames can "grow" as each walker leg height is adjusted assuring both anterior-posterior and lateral stability regardless of the size of the child. Support from the walker is built on both sides and behind the child leaving the front of the walker open to free access. The upper most bar intentionally strikes the hip extensors as a "signal" to the user during single limb stance. This facilitates extension on the weight bearing side. We know the importance of proper positioning. Our therapists can help ensure that a proper fit is made between your child and the product you are considering. We have an experienced OT and PT on staff to work with you and your therapist. To start, please click SIZING HELP. Please provide all measurements possible for the best outcome.
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